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Ananda Inciensos

Holy Mother - Esoteric Defumation Bomb

Holy Mother - Esoteric Defumation Bomb

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The Defumation Bombs are eco-artisan fast-burning incenses designed to perform different esoteric rituals, they release a powerful purifying smoke ideal for cleaning of all kinds. Here we present all the bombillas and their purposes:

- 7 Pure Elements: This bulb is designed to clean , transforming the negative energy of our environment into positive .

- 7 Copal Herbs: The mixture of 7 herbs helps to harmonize the environment , giving us a feeling of protection while copal will help us keep our aura protected.

- Open Paths: This little bomb purifies and harmonizes our environment, ideal for performing a healing ritual and opening new stages.

- Attracts Money: This little bomb is the result of the powerful combination of Yagra , a resin associated with prosperity , and aphrodisiac Cinnamon , which will help us develop our emotional side.

- Complete defumation: After defumation with these bombillas we will create a renewed and balanced environment , charged with positive energy .

- Unlock: Ideal for those moments in which we can feel somewhat stuck. The benzoin helps us open up and connect with our more spiritual side while the musk will relax us and we will be more receptive to love .

- Energy Cleansing: Composed of the powerful Ruda , a herb famous for its protective properties and Lavender , an ideal herb to de-stress .

- Palo Santo: This sacred wood is popular for its ability to perform spiritual cleansing.

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