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Sagrada Madre is a brand recognized worldwide for its natural incense , handcrafted following the ancestral customs of the ancient peoples of Latin America. Using virgin resins, they manage to make one of the best organic incenses in the world, not to mention their wide collection of esoteric products .

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This curious wood is considered sacred by many cultures around the world, its exquisite and peculiar aroma is used to perform energy cleansing and bring stability and positive energy to our lives. That is why we present this unique wood in all its variants.

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As artisans we offer you organic incense made by our own hand, which guarantees unmatched quality and love.

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We offer you the largest collection of natural incense in the world

  • Quality Raw Material

    All the incenses that you find on our website have been carefully elaborated through the use of pure resins.

  • Specialized Brands

    We make sure to collaborate with brands that really care about offering a product that meets our highest expectations.

  • Our incenses

    You will find exclusive incense of your own making, so you will not be able to buy a similar one anywhere else

  • True Craftsmen

    Each of the incenses that we offer you have been carefully selected, making sure that its total preparation meets our requirements.