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Sagrada Madre

Holy Mother - Natural Palo Santo Incense

Holy Mother - Natural Palo Santo Incense

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incense series Palo Santo de Sagrada Madre brings us the largest variety of Palo Santo incense ever seen before, sticks of pure palo santo mixed with other equally powerful and natural resins. Below we tell you the different scents what you will find and their properties:

- Light an incense Lignum vitae it is a sacred and purifying act . Increases feelings of calm and well-being, attracting positive energy and harmonious frequencies to all who come in contact with its sacred smoke.

- The incense of Palo Santo together with the powerful flower of Champa is commonly used as a purifying incense and prepares the desired spaces for meditation and relaxation . Fill the atmosphere with love, peace, tranquility, well-being, light and happiness thanks to this beneficial sacred incense.

- The incense of Palo Santo together with the Copal we managed to obtain a magnet for the attraction of material and spiritual good fortune thanks to its connection with the divine.

- The incredible combination of Palo Santo with Frankincense is considered a transmuter of the energy of the environment, turning any atmosphere into an environment full of peace, prosperity and energetic health for all those in contact with it.

- Palo Santo with the sweetness of Jasmine helps to attract purity , simplicity , strength and sensuality to our lives. Combined with the powerful spiritual energy of Palo Santo, it manages to create an atmosphere of peace, love and prosperity.

- The sacred wood of Palo Santo together with the subtle and fresh fragrance of the Lavender flower, clean and purify the energy field around you, relaxing your mind and spirit . This uniquely powerful combination unlocks and transmutes energies with a refreshing feeling of calm and happiness.

- The smoke generated by the incense of Palo Santo and Myrrh attracts positive and harmonious energies. Myrrh with its power of renewal generates a calm and calm environment for everyone affected by its smoke.

- The Palo Santo together with the Rosemary is a very effective combination when it comes to cleaning and protecting environments, healing the space, attracting light energy and positive vibrations, uniting with love the souls of the people affected by its smoke, generating thus moments of peace and harmony at home and work spaces.

- The Palo Santo combined with the famous flower of love , the Rose , result in an essence of romance and divine love , generating an environment of protective power helping to awaken the universal love found in each individual.

- Combined with Sandalwood we obtain the power of two ancient sacred woods, bringing balance and balance to the energies that surround us. In this way, we will achieve superior mental clarity, in addition to achieving a state of natural relaxation, thus achieving the complete purification of our spirit.

- Vanilla is known to influence emotions, experiences and our memories . providing us with emotional warmth and care for our spiritual being, facing past experiences to reinforce a prosperous present and future . This combination creates a completely purified environment full of peace and healing .

- The energetic cleansing carried out by the Palo Santo gives rise to the Yagra spreading its transforming energy , creating and renewing possibilities of spiritual evolution, progress and harmony .

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The largest variety of natural incense in the world