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Sagrada Madre

Holy Mother - Herbal Kits

Holy Mother - Herbal Kits

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Sagrada Madre presents us with 4 incredible Herbal Kits, each one made up of a specific herb or resin in order to perform a specific ritual that suits what we are looking for . They are ideal for giving away or trying several of their products. The kits include 4 extra duration rods , 3 Defumation Bombs, 1 Pyramid-Energy Pill and 1 Sahumito.

- Prosperity Kit : The element that predominates in this kit is the Yagra

- Protection and Healing Kit: In this kit you will find White Salvia

- Purification Kit: This powerful kit is composed of Palo Santo

- Relaxation and Harmonization Kit: Finally we will find a Lavender kit

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