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Sagrada Madre

Holy Mother - Powdered Incense

Holy Mother - Powdered Incense

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Holy Mother 's powdered incense is ideal for purification rituals, with its powerful fragrances you can focus on achieving what you set out to do.

- Camphor with Laurel: Thanks to these powders you will achieve the opening of your powerful inner self, surrounding you with an aura of inspiration that will drive you to achieve your goals .

- Benzoin with Storaque: These powders are ideal for those who seek to achieve success in any of its forms, job success, relationship success and personal success. These resins act as road openers.

- Energy Cleaning: These secret formula powders are designed so that you can carry out a total and effective cleaning of the energy that surrounds you, both from the environment and from people, so as not to be affected by loopholes of negative energy.

- Jasmine with Chamomile: These powders are ideal to burn when we lack inspiration or creativity , thanks to the delicate fragrance of jasmine we get ideas to sprout from within us.

- Sandalwood: The powerful sandalwood is known in cultures around the world for its energetic properties that act as a powerful spiritual connector with our deepest self thanks to its exquisite fragrance that creates an environment charged with positive energy.

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