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Sagrada Madre

Holy Mother - Natural Series Incense

Holy Mother - Natural Series Incense

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The incenses in this series are completely made by hand , with completely natural pure resins , which gives them a faithful, powerful and long-lasting aroma . Below we tell you about each fragrance so you can choose the one that best suits you !

- The Natural Citronella and Orange Incense , two powerful natural repellents , while with the Palo Santo we obtain that powerful energy cleansing and purification of the environment. With this strong combination we managed to create an atmosphere of protection and healing.

- Natural Copal Incense is a traditional resin of Peruvian origin. It has a pleasant aroma reminiscent of a herbal mixture. Used by ancient pre-Hispanic cultures due to its purifying and protective properties and used in different rituals as an energy connector.

- The Natural Incense of olibanum It has a sweet and soft aroma, used since ancient times in ceremonies of all the cultures of the world. Its purpose is to purify, protect and clean the environments , creating a completely pure and pleasant space. Frankincense is a natural resin that has the ability to attract positive energies in order to purge the environment of negative energies.

- The Natural Incense of Myrrh is a well-known resin from Arabia , with its intense , woody and rustic aroma , it manages to purify the environment and create a energy healing and cleansing area when we need it. Its smoke gives us clarity in confusing situations and strengthens our spirit , protecting it from the negative feelings that invade us.

- The combination of Rue with Rosemary gives us one of the most powerful natural forces on Earth, energy in its purest state, very effective to be used as energy protection or for spiritual harmonization , thanks to the powerful cleansing it performs of the environment. , rejuvenating the aura and the people who inhabit it, attracting renewed energies of love to achieve spiritual and emotional balance.

- The Natural Incense of Sandalwood is a natural resin that helps us connect with our interior , activating positive energies and vibrations , thus raising our mind and consciousness to a higher plane . Ideal to meditate with since it will serve as a guide to connect deeply with our interior , freeing us from everything unreal in the presence of the Eternal Now , thus helping us to concentrate and achieve our goals more easily .

- The Natural Incense of Yagra is a resin known to have the brilliance of the stars themselves in it. It is a resin of Hindu origin , with a very peculiar aroma reminiscent of citrus, it is associated with the attraction of abundance and as a powerful it opens the way in prosperity rituals .

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